Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Earn Online Thru Sponsored Posts

I mentioned in my previous post some ways of earning money thru blogging. One of them is by making sponsored posts. This feature post is a continuation, not a duplication of what I posted before.

These are some of the sites wherein you can earn thru sponsored posts: Smorty, Pay Per Post, Blogvertise, BlogToProfit, Bidvertise, SponsoredReview, PayU2blog, Bloggertizer, etc… I’m not providing the link, but you can just googlesearch them if you’re really interested.

The basic requirements are very simple and are mostly similar among these competing sites. You need a 90-day-old blog with at least 20 posts, written in English and with correct grammar. Register, submit your blog, and wait for approval. They evaluate your blog based on certain criteria and they email their approval as fast as 12 hours, and as long as 5 days. Once approved, they gave you the writing assignments, or they serve as a link between you and the advertiser. But these assignments vary and depend on the following: URL, Location, Categories and PR (and other rankings)

URL. Blogs are not created equal. Many advertisers prefer dotcom over others. Other free sites like wordpress do not allow paid posts. There are bloggers who, in their eagerness to earn more, maintain two or more sites, one of which is a dotcom.

Location. The bloggers’ geographic location also matters. Don’t ever think of racial discrimination here. Advertisers just prefer bloggers who are nearer to their target market.

Blog Category. It is always suggested that bloggers write and develop content on certain categories, one that they’re really good at. Advertisers prefer blogs with contents that are more or less related to their products or services.

PR. Some blogs are just too good that they rose above others very fast. Blame that on their owners’ knowledge of SEO. But that can be learned too. Blogs with more traffic and higher PR get more paid opportunities. Advertisers believe that when their site is linked to a site that has a higher PR, their own PR also increases. (Oh PR! No one can really fully explain how google does its math.)

If you think you are qualified and have a chance to make it big, join now in the bandwagon of paid blogging. But be sure to open a paypal account first. They pay you through it.


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