Friday, March 14, 2008

Rules Of Flower Arrangement

A friend mentioned about rules in floral arrangement and it tickled my curiosity to scour the internet for these rules.

Rule No. 1: There are no rules.

What? No rules? Because it is art, and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It is about creativity and your instincts. What pleases the eyes is all that matters. As long as you like it, as long as the recipient likes it and is happy, then, that is a beautiful floral arrangement.

What about symmetry and asymmetry? These spoke of balance, and again, it goes back to the basics of beauty. Everyone of us can try floral arrangement. I did, but my wife just laughed at my end result. At least the effort was appreciated and so I got a kiss as a reward.

So if you really like reading more about floral arrangement, here are two other articles from different authors:

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freeze said...

haha aba at nag reasearch!

Avas1 said...

You can buy just a handful of flowers and add them to a bunch of silk flowers. Creative, huh? This type of contemporary flower arrangement is becoming popular because not only is it easy to do, it is also less costly.