Thursday, March 20, 2008

American Idol 2008: David Archuleta Makes A Comeback

The boyish look plus a great voice singing “Long and Winding Road” enables David Archuleta to make a strong comeback in this week’s round. It’s usually Simon Cowell’s reaction that counts here. Randy and Paula are too nice.

Only 17 and yet he is so professional in his performance. Even his last blunder was replayed on TV, but he bounced back pretty well.

In reality, I’m not an idol fan. But there are episodes that I happened to watch, like tonight’s performance. I even thought it was David Archuleta who failed the cut last week because Simon gave him a scare. Forgive my ignorance. Thank God the kid survived! He’ll surely go a long long way. Perhaps a slot at any of Disney’s Musical would be fantastic for him.

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