Monday, December 24, 2007


What should I give to my 2 dozen godchildren this season? And for those of the manito-manita? I bought some of the gifts a couple of months ago. But I had not managed to shop for more. Today is already the 24th and is not really a good day to go the mall, unless the long queues won’t matter to me. I told two children to come back next Sunday to claim their gifts. But I'm not sure if I'd be ready by then.

And you know what? A parent even asked me for a gift, which he says is, in behalf of his child. Ah, pressure! But it’s okay. Even if any of my kumpares and kumares visit this site and happen to read this entry, they can claim the gift for their child. We’ll just set the date, next year. LOL.

But seriously, gift-giving should not be a burden, though at times we feel the pressure. Let us give as our hearts desire and as our wallets permit.

Enjoy the season everyone! Merry Christmas!

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