Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Power of Blogs

The power of blogs is no longer a secret to most people. We all know that blogs raise awareness of almost everything. Blogs update us about the situation in Burma, or the latest restaurant in New York. We may even know what Juan De La Cruz ate for breakfast. I mean, even lies and urban legends are blogged about.

But I would be concentrating on the blogs’ economic power as a marketing tool. If you look at some of the ads in adsense, you’d most likely see something like, “Your blog’s a money maker”. Do you believe that? You may raise an eyebrow at these stuffs. Honestly, I haven’t clicked that ad in my sidebar.

In the internet age, companies now realized that they should not be left behind. They put up websites here and there, and even do online business. But the web is too large that some companies’ sites remained hidden in the vastness. Others resort into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), improving the volume and traffic to their websites. Then they looked at blogs and considered its unlimited potential. More traffic, more links, improved searchability, more income.

And bloggers are benefited too. Companies hire bloggers to review their products and services. Or they may just want a link to their site. The power of blogs can no longer be overlooked. Just look at the post and the sidebars of many bloggers. There’s no stopping them from dreaming of millions.

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