Thursday, January 31, 2008

Domain Registration

I’m very close to a domain registration. What should I name my online flower shop? I’ve listed a few possible nifty names but could not seem to make a decision. I checked the first two names in my list and the dotcoms are very much available. This is quite a relief but deciding on which name to use is really the hard part. I will not reveal them now. I should be able to decide soon. I stumbled on one informative web page which gave me a valuable idea on choosing a domain name.

Domain registration is easy and inexpensive. I already checked some web hosting sites. At Payless Domains, you even get discounts for a two-year or more registration. They also have special pricing if your get more domain names. They are Australia's favorite domain registration site for buying cheap Australian domain names like They also provide affordable web hosting packages, using high performance web servers. Check out their site now.

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