Thursday, January 17, 2008

Flowers For Your Valentine's Date

You might end up picking flowers on the streetsides or in your backyard if you fail to order in advance that beautiful bouquet of long stemmed roses for your valentine's date.

Worst, you if were forced to buy the expensive yet with wiltering petals because you were running late.

Valentine's Day is less than a month from now. It's a big day for lovers and it could be for you.


Jasonkram said...

What about fancy/plastic flowers? Would you consider in giving that to your loved one instead of street-side flowers? Have a nice day!

Novz said...

don't go for plastic flowers jason. it leaves a poor taste.

Anonymous said...

i know, stocks are going run out so fast that i already placed an order to my florist

Norm said...

cute sa bata oi serious tawon kaayo iya nawong kodakan man hehehe vote me ulit novz

novz said...

there you go again with your florist, bleed. But i like the content of your blog.

norm, serious kaayo ni nga bata uy! ganahan kaayo ni sya piktyuran. bisan ug pabalitukon pa. he he joke.