Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ratings War: GMA vs ABS-CBN

The other day, I was really surprised to see a text message from a friend regarding the latest TV controversy. It seems like I haven’t watched TV for a couple of months coz I already forgot about the saga of Marimar and Juday’s Ysabella. I also don’t have any idea about the latest of the ratings war, though I may argue (in a friendly way) in favor of the shows I watch.

My daily routine (that is if I arrive at home before 7pm) includes Saksi, Deal or no deal, Zaido, Kamandag, Marimar, Ysabella, PBB, and 24 oras. I guess these shows are leading their respective timeslots. I also enjoy watching Jojo Abellana’s show in QTV.

But what is this that I saw on GMA about the allegations of its rival network? So today I made a little research through the ever reliable google search engine. One accused the other of “influencing” the results, then pointing a finger at the rating agency for its failure to correct. Both accused filed libel charges against the accuser.

With all the problems our country is facing today, we need better information and entertainment. I wish both can come up with nifty and informative shows. The ratings war is the least of the viewers’ concerns.


kris said...

Yeah, but even if they're the least of the countries' problems, each network treat these petty scandals as though it's the MOST RELEVANT THING happening.

I'm just sick of GMA and A-BS.

elay said...

good point here novz..
i don't remember when the last time i watched tv in general and local channels in particular was - please don;t blame me, its just that i'm not really into these tearful noontime shows, and neverending telenovelas...and add to that those bickerings and yes - the stupid ratings war! big deal!
mostly i just watch the news, but lately it seems that i haven't been able to do that either..thank goodness for newspapers..