Friday, February 15, 2008

Flowers to Cebu: Post-Valentine's Joy

For some who inquired and asked for pictures, sorry I wasn't able to give you pictures prior to Valentine's Day.

But now, I'm sharing to you the pics of my wife's floral arrangement. My customers were very very happy and satisfied. They really got an excellent bargain from a start-up flower shop like us. Their spouses were surprised and happy as well. My niece, whom utilized to be our delivery girl, even reported that officemates of the recepient gathered around the bouquet amazed and even inquired about the name of our flower shop. She just smiled because we didn't have a name for now.

From a business point of view, we really didn't capitalize enough. But me and my wife are very happy. We made other couples happy on Valentine's Day. And it is something that is priceless.


Norm said...

wow! I love the flowers here, very nice and beautiful, happy valentines to you and to your loving wife..

elay said...

my favorite are giant's not so romantic and valentine-ish but when you do get to arrange some, please take a picture of it and post it here..
happy valentine's day to you..!(ooops..that's belated..)