Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BIR Tax Filing and Payment Extension

(For Philippine Tax Filers)

In my previous post, I mentioned about web traffic for the e-filers. And today it happened. The BIR's eFPS (Electronic Filing and Payment System) encountered technical problems.

This posed a problem to those who waited for the last hour to file their returns and pay their taxes electronically. They have to file and pay manually, type the returns and issue checks. Plus they have to do it within the banking hours.

Good thing the BIR noticed the problem and immediately issued RMC 32-2008: "Permission and Extension of Deadline for the Manual Filing of Tax Returns of Taxpayers Enrolled in eFPS Due to Technical Problems Encountered in the eFPS environment.

Highlights are the following:

1. Manual filing for tax retuns due for filing and taxes due for payment on or before April 15, 2008 by all eFPS-enrolled taxpayers.

2. Prescribed attachments are still due for submission within fifteen days from April 15, 2008

3. Filing and payment is extended until April 17, 2008.

Take note that the extension are only for those eFPS-enrolled taxpayers. If you are filing manually, deadline is today. And if you had not done so, expect penalties, interests and surcharges.

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