Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boston Celtics is the 2008 NBA Champions!

Boston Celtics is the 2008 NBA Champions! How long do we have to wait for the news to be announced? At early 4th quarter wherein Boston is leading by almost 30 points, it is impossible for the LA Lakers to resurrect from such insurmountable lead. Not even Superman or the Hulk can help them right now!

I never thought the Celtics could be so dominant. LA is supposed to valiantly fight back. Allen, Garnett and Pierce shone like no other. This is their time. (Sorry Kobe!) And the fans are rejoicing! Confetti will be showered anytime soon.

Woe to LA! Where is Kobe? Where is the Zen Master Jackson? It’s white and green all over the place. Final score is 131-92. Boston Celtics wins against LA Lakers in Game 6.

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