Friday, July 18, 2008

No New Story

It's almost a month since my last post here. It's really hard to keep up when you have so many blogs, and your internet connection is limited to some freebies. This post is even brought to you by a borrowed Smart Bro device.

What new story should I write? My literary blog has no update. My other blogs have one or two posts a week. Or even none. Am I running out of words and ideas? Is there anything new to blog about?

Actually there are so many things to blog about. But I can seem to start a post about them. It's not about lack of passion or action. Maybe I need some refreshing. Or am I into this blogging burn-out?

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manilenya said...

That's why I deleted all my other blogs, it is so hard to make a post for numerous blogs when you have a long hours of work everyday. And I don't think I have everything to blog, I am compounded in the four corners of my working place..nothing much to write about it.