Friday, October 17, 2008

Unique and Unusual Baby Names

Do you want a unique and unusual name for your baby? Some do. And there are some who accuse parents of making the lives of their children difficult and miserable because of their given names.

If you have uniquely ugly name, would you name your son after you? I won't name names here. What is ugly to me may not be to you, and vice-versa. What is really in a name? I think it is just the brand that we carry everyday. Names are just names that could also be a misnomer.

My parents named me Nove-Rei, with a hyphen and a capital R. You cannot find it in the catholic almanac or even in the internet listing of unique baby names. Some people address me as Miss and I have a lot of times called their attention. I am a Mister not a Miss, and not even resembling one. But I don't get offended at all. Everyone makes mistakes, and mine is a generic one. You can even name your dog or your cat after me. hehe.

My parents explained that they got my name from my birthmonth (November) and the name of my mom's cousin (Rei). A teacher once told me that my name comes from Latin with the translation "New King". Should I be proud of that? Or is it just a misnomer for I do not have a kingdom?

Now a niece of my wife is named Shunzhine. I do not know if it is intentional or just misspelled. You know, those mistakes committed by plenty of parents when they accidently misspell names entered in the birth certificate.

So, how do we name our own babies someday? Or even names of nephews and nieces if we are asked to suggest a name. Here is a short guide:

1. Think of the baby's future - Is he/she going to love the name you will give him?
2. Agree with your spouse - Don't fight and make the naming a source of conflict
3. Consider the intials or the overall sounding of the name when read aloud.
4. Consider your ethnic or religious background. Some uses biblical names. A fiendish name would make your child a laughing stock.
5. Consider the family's name. Don't name him after a notorious fugitive.

Hope this helps.


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