Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flowers for the Church

Who says that you should only decorate white flowers at the church altar? Although white is associated mostly with a formal setting, you can actually make a colorful church altar using colorful flowers. Here's some pic of the flowers arranged by my wife for our church:

Flowers for ChurchRoses for Church

You might want to know the rules of flower arrangement. But the general rule in arranging flowers for church is: Do it for the LORD and not for the churchgoers to appreciate.


cyril said...

I never thought there would be rules for flower arrangement.

I guess it helps that the arranger has that inert creativity, arranging would simply flow naturally.

freeze said...

ooh, it's getting better and nicer!

I like the first one, the red thingy placed at the bottom gave a good balance to the topiary on top and the large bird of paradise.

I find the flowers too short and small for the 2nd vase.

hehe parang critic :D

blissful weddings said...

wow nice, i like the first one :)