Monday, December 01, 2008

Flowers And Cupcakes

Flowers and cupcakes instead of the usual birthday cake. Here's a picture of another of my wife's creations: Flowers and cupcakes for the 18th birthday of her niece, Jinky.

Flowers and CupcakesFlowers and cupcakes

It's a 100 cupcakes in a specially built cake stand, decorated with flowers like roses, gladiola and millions.

More here: Cupcakes and flowers pictures and designs for weddings and birthdays


Sun Jun said...

it's very nice.
I love the butterflies and millions ^^

Anonymous said...

Hello there my friend! I found your blog very interesting so I have added your link in my Blogroll. I hope you'll link me back. Have a nice day!

Carlos said...

Hi! Care to x-link? I have added you already in my list. Have a nice day!

NovaS said...

Amazing cake.. is your name nova too???

Anonymous said...

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