Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blogging and the Visitors from the Search Engines

I haven't written a post here for more than three months. To my readers, if I ever have one, please accept my apologies. It's not that I quit blogging, it is just that I am so busy these days. I have more or less ten blogs to maintain, and I can only update 3 or 4 of them.

And this blog quite has no direction at all. hehe. But it has traffic. Yep, visitors from search engines. I am on page one when you search for Beach wedding venue in Cebu, and Cebu Garden Wedding Venues. I used to occupy Google's top spot when you search for the later.

That single post alone which I linked above got more than fifty inquiries about the wedding venue. My knowledge on search engine optimization helped me market the place. Despite the fact that there is another website dedicated to Wedding Venues in Cebu, I still managed to top on certain long-tail keywords.

But sometimes, it is frustrating too when some hijacker comes around.(she's a visitor from the search engines too) She gets the list of those who posted their emails here, then she sends them wedding coordination offers, etc... She even shamelessly introduced herself as our partner wedding coordinator, or something to that effect. She even had the guts to call the venue owner and asked for some commissions.

I got her name. I noticed that is her habit to comment on wedding websites, leave her email ad and offer her services. A schoolmate of my wife in high school, who happened to inquire about the wedding venue, told us about the guerrilla marketing tactics of this wedding coordinator. I am sure some people, who found the Punta EngaƱo wedding venue through this site, hired her services too.

Anyway, this post is not to discredit her. And if you have hired that person and is dissatisfied with her services, go rant somewhere else. If she did well, then it's fine with us.

I better transfer my wedding venue posts to my wordpress blogs wherein I can protect our potential clients. This is no longer about blogging anything under the sun. Blogging is indeed a tool to promote one's business.

p.s. In a few weeks, I will put up a website for our Furniture and cabinet-making business. I have already bought the domain. Watch out for it!

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