Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Office and Family Kris Kringle Gift Ideas

Kris Kringle Something IdeasAt the start of November, I noticed that lots of visitors arrived at my other sites looking for kris kringle gift ideas. Maybe they were given assignments to organize their office or family kris kringle. Or maybe, theirs had already started.

Kris Kringle is simply another name for Santa Claus. But it is often referred to as the secret exchanging gifts or manito-manita. For most offices, and even families and communities, it’s that event when you give something-something to your kris kringle. Organizers and participants have to be creative in coming up with the craziest kris kringle gift ideas.

Something to Give to Kris Kringle

The common practice is to give a gift a day to your kris kringle, based on the agreed gift description and minimum price. Something-something, I often call it. For example Day 1 is something round. Then Day 2 is something red and Day 3 is something made of rubber. If you give your first gift on Day 3, you have also to complete the gifts for the first two days. Others just give one time, a combination of all the required gifts. In the example above, one may give a red rubber ball to complete the 3.

In some offices, there will be a day when you have to give something naughty. Others play a combination of something naughty, wet, long and made of rubber. The imagination is the limit.

Something sweet, funny, blue, red, yellow, brown, square, long, hard, hairy, naughty, edible, old, black, curly, soft, techie, odorous, cold, warm, nifty, made of rubber, practical, round, green, huggable, useful, spicy, bouncy, sticky, etc…

The gifts we give often reflect on the personality of the giver. There are even times when conflicts arise because of some very naughty kris kringle gift ideas that other people find offensive. So, when organizing, or even choosing a gift for your officemates and family members, here are some tips to consider:

1. Be sensitive – Some weight-loss pills to an obese colleague may not be appropriate. If she/he’s your boss, wait till your performance appraisal comes out. Yay!
2. Give according to your means – Don’t shoplift just to give her gift wish. Zero interest plans are very enticing, isn’t it? Some nifty items can be bought at some discount stores.
3. Think about the recipient – What does he/she likes for Christmas? If she’s collecting items, say coffee mugs or Disney characters, give her something to add to her collections.
4. Give cheerfully – Give with a smile. No, not that wicked smile, but one coming from a good heart.

Enjoy your kris kringle friends!

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