Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chess for Kids

I first learned to play chess when I was five. My first real competition was during a school intramurals when I was in grade 5. I shocked my opponents. I surprised myself too. They asked for a rematch and I was battered left and right. But the rematch won't count. Officially, I won that year. It was never repeated as I shifted to other sports.

The other week, my wife asked me to handle the chess competition for kids at church. I obliged. No choice really, but I must admit that I still like to play chess. After their games, I asked one of the better players to play against me. Rusty that I am, I still eked out a win. One of the teachers challenged me. I lost an advantage but still regained it at a later stage. I won with a pawn turning queen.

Then the other night, an idea crept into my head. Why not arrange a Christmas tournament for kids? Yeah, my future bro-in-law can help me out with this. He's a college chess varsity player. With a medal and a little money prize for the winner, this should encourage kids into sports.

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