Monday, November 19, 2007

Travel, Meetings, and Sore Eyes

After a series of entries, I was silent for a week. I was in Manila for a 3-day meeting, that though I took a peek at my blog during breaks, I wasn’t able to post anything. I did not visit other blogs either.

What shall I write about? Manila is still Manila with the traffic, smog, and the flood brought about by the rain. Good thing there was Dampa. We certainly enjoyed the seafoods. I also played badminton with the new boss and some colleagues. With their prodding, I had my badminton shoes flown in from Cebu. That’s how persistent they are in wanting to play with me. At least it was a nice stress reliever after the nerve-racking meeting.

After the Friday game, we proceeded to MOA and enjoyed the music and the food at Lamesa grill. A colleague showed off his singing prowess onstage with the sexy vocalists of the performing band. Mr. Potenciano (the alias we gave for our colleague) is really a showman. But he’s not drunk yet.

When I returned to Cebu on an early morning flight, I was very very tired, that I spent most of the day sleeping. My waking hours were spent together with my wife. I was off the internet world the whole weekend, not even drafting a post for this “nifty universe”.

Today, I’m bracing myself for a virus attack. A nephew and a niece got it last week. And just this morning, (or late last night) my wife got sore red eyes.


mschumey07 said...

Now that's one nasty virus. Just make sure you wash your hands and avoid rubbing your eyes. That should do the trick. I'm glad you had a nice time in Manila.

Norm said...

uso diay sore eyes diha novz!

novz said...

schumey, nasty indeed. visine, eyemo and other eye drops are out of stock in almost all pharmacies here.

norms, pwerteng usoha. katolkatol na ako mata.