Monday, November 12, 2007

To Blog or Not To Blog

This meme floated in the blogosphere early this year or perhaps even late last year. It requires the tagged person to write five reasons why they blog. No one tagged me though, since it is only now that I opened up myself to the blogging universe, hopping and stumbling everywhere, and then bumped on this meme in the archives of some veterans.

So here are my five reasons:

Polishing my Writing Skills

Write, write, write. I don’t have this opportunity more often when I am facing spreadsheets and accounting systems all day. Writing emails and business letters are easy, how artless they may be. You just have to put in the clich├ęs of “Dear Sir/Madam” and the courtesies of “very truly yours” and you’re done. Business letters need no metaphors.

As I scoured the net for sometime now, I found treasures. And I somewhat wanted to imitate the amazing writing skills of many bloggers, though it is such a long shot for someone who has no real journalistic training, except for some elective subject in high school, barely hanging on a passing mark.

Sharing Stories

We all have stories to tell, whether it’s true or fiction. In the next few days, I’d be posting my frail attempts at writing flash fiction. Some of these were already posted in a forum and commented upon.

Expanding the Network

There are plenty of lonely blogs out there. Some are even left for dead (I don’t mean dead blog authors) without the benefit of a proper burial. Networking in the blogosphere gives life to a blog, regardless of the quality of its content.

It feels good to be connected with another blogger though we may not know them personally. When we read and leave a comment or see that link on their blogroll, it feels like we are part of their blogs too. We also identify ourselves with bloggers on our blogroll. Ex-link? I don’t really demand or beg for an ex-link. At least I give the blogger a choice to like or dislike my blog.

Deflecting the Boredom Bug

Boredom is such a foxy enemy. Given a little space, they empty your brain in a middle of something, and let you crave for another, though you’re not sure what it is exactly you’re looking for. There are days when you just stare at the ceiling with eyes wide open, but not seeing anything. In between daydreams and half-dreams, blogging is a better alternative.

Chronicling Events

I usually forget past thoughts, events, dates and important persons. Blogging is one way of chronicling these. Though some of my posts may have guarded and moderated thoughts, at least it would give me the chance to remember, unlike writing on a piece of paper that I usually misplace.

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I am tagging everyone who reads this. Yes, you. If you have not done this meme yet, please do share your reasons for blogging.


Norm said...

nice tag...Hi novz! thanks pala sa visit and your message...God bless

Kris said...

I would answer that question if you explicitly state - in the comment box is fine - that I am tagged. Something about an everyone-is-involved beckoning just don't make me feel comfortable. ^_^

By the way, is it just me, or does my blog as it appears on your link have three exclamation points? What does that mean?

novz said...

Kris, you're tagged.

The three exclamation points that appear on my link indicate that the blogger have updated posts in the last 48 hours. It's just some feature in