Saturday, November 10, 2007


“I can’t stand meetings” said an ex-boss.

Can you? See the grin in my face. With a lot of people nowadays having attention span like 5-year olds, no one would like lengthy meetings. Others though, turn meetings into chitchats and something to pass time. What an excellent excuse of doing something!

Meeting can either be fun or stressful. Expect the latter in executives’ meeting. It seems like there’s a psychological effect to it, that when you’re done, you feel like your energies are zapped to limbo, and you sit back on your chair spiritless.

Others expect something afterwards. A half million pesos wrapped in a bag, guised as a gift, handed over by well dressed men. I am referring to what happened in Malacañang lately. Well, it would have been okay if that’s their money. But is it theirs?

Some offices have formal daily, weekly and/or monthly meetings. I barely call for meetings. Meet only when necessary. I have some unusual (not really bad) habits when it comes to meetings. I scribble down notes, make sketches (a frustrated artist) on the same piece, and then crumple it afterwards. Of course, someone else takes down the minutes, and email them to me.

But if you want to handle effective meetings, you should at least know some basics. Ironically, the first tip offered by a website regarding meetings is this: Don’t meet. If you’re interested with the full article, read it here.>>

Tsk, tsk, tsk. I still have a meeting to attend to this afternoon. And I’m already running late.

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