Friday, November 09, 2007

Tweaking Templates

I have used blogger-provided templates for more than a year now in a blog I recently locked away. Looking at my site over and over again, with the 2-column template, had become a boring ritual. I declared I wanted something new, something cool, most particularly a 3-column template.

Desperation led me to search for free templates in the web and I fortunately stumbled upon this one. The entry is a do-it-yourself instructional tweaking of the html codes. I didn’t know it was just this easy until I saw the result in less than an hour. I am just so grateful for the helpful people out there who unselfishly share their knowledge to those who lack it.


Norm said...

wow! nice blog...I like the color of your site. Thanks for adding me here and glad to link you too. God bless

Novz said...

thanks for liking the color of my site, norms. you're very much welcome here!