Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fresh and Clean

This is not really a brand new site. Better term it as a MAKE-OVER. The oil changed, rusts are chipped away, the engine is overhauled, screws are fixed and body repainted with a new glow. Widgets are refreshed, recolored and rearranged. So that it will look fresh and clean. This blog is on a mission.

Ok. What mission? The answer would be another long post. But for the meantime, I’ll just sit back, relax and make new friends in the blogosphere.


Rosemarie said...

yes u right we have the same background color. that's nice to know that you are PR4 already although your site is newly open.

Novz said...

PR4? This site is unrated yet due to its freshness in the blogosphere. I aim to reach PR 4 in 3 months, if possible.

Thanks for the visit, rosemarie!

kris said...

Wow PR4. I got a feeling that's something to brag about but... what's PR4 anyway? (I'm ditzy like Paris Hilton sometimes :( )

novz said...

kris, PR is google's page rank. you can check your PR at http://prchecker.info/. It is used to determine, in google's eyes, the importance of a webpage. Those into paid blogging need higher PR. For those who are not, it is just something of a braggingg rights. To increase PR, one has to have lots of traffic, and lots of webpages linking to his site.