Tuesday, November 06, 2007


The word ‘nifty’ is synonymous to great, fantastic, great, good, terrific, wonderful, and other splendid things. It is not really an adjective intended to describe myself. But I do wish I and this blog can live up to this description.

‘Nifty’ can also sound like my name initials, twisted a little bit with the addition of a couple of letters. I’d like it to be my name for now, but having too many online aliases can be a burden.

Call me Novz. I am in my early 30s, male, and happily married. I am a CPA by profession, a graduate of the University of San Carlos in the year 1995. My profession says that I must love numbers. That is only partially true because I love words too. But don’t expect me to write something related to my being a CPA or about business and taxes, though I may, from time to time do that. I want to explore new worlds in sports, technology, literary, showbiz, politics, and even religion.


kris said...

Nifty is such an outdated slang. But then again, slangs are outdated once they proliferate, so it's only a matter of time before "dope" or "mad skillz" inspires chortle the way "phat" and "mega" does now.

Btw, thanks for posting comments on my blog. :)

Novz said...

hi kris! I don't even use the word nifty in regular conversations or writings. it just happen that the word is just closest to my initials.

kris said...

You don't use nifty? That's too bad. I thought nifty was swell. Hahaha.