Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cebu Weddings

Cebu weddings, December weddings, whatever weddings! Googlesearch listed 182,000 results for Cebu Weddings. Maybe I’d start with this one in my frail attempt at SEO. I hope I’m in the right path.

December is a month full of weddings. My parents had their wedding in December of 1974 in a small Christian church in Mambaling, Cebu. My dad recalled that he only spent a month’s salary for that wedding. That could already be a big amount at that time.

My moms’ elder brother and younger sister had their weddings on Christmas Day. I can count a number of others who got married on December. My sister had her wedding last December 15 at the pool area of Metro Park Hotel. Why poolside? Because they like the idea.

December weddings is convenient to most people because: 1) Vacation time 2) Important people can attend 3) Wedding anniversaries and Christmas parties can be celebrated together and 4) Bonuses are released on December – for the couple’s added finances and for guests to be more generous on gifts.

The downsides: 1) Most venues are booked for parties and 2) Prices are higher. But with early bookings and proper planning, hitches can be avoided.

Below is a wedding pic of my sis and her husband. I hope they won’t mind being featured here.

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