Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tears From A Presidential Candidate

I didn’t know that tears and a broken voice can alter the voters’ choice. And that the Americans choose the underdog instead of the leading force.

After coming out third at Iowa last week, Hillary Clinton bounced back and captured the voters’ hearts in New Hampshire, edging the erstwhile leader, Barack Obama. A picture of a teary-eyed and wearied presidential candidate seems to be everywhere in the news. Some credited it to the women’s votes which gave her campaign a new lease of life. The tough lady has a soft side too.

The race for the Democrats is getting to be more exciting. We’ll hear more in the coming days.


Norm said...

salamat sa vote ha murag wala ko kaapas oi kusog ang kalaban hehhehee segi lang vote lang gihapon ha..salamat

SUN JUN said...

today's news to novs?
down pa man japon si hillary 2 states na.

if this is the 3rd, lamang man jud sya ata daan diri sa polls. ^^

wala lang. ^^

novz said...

norm, murag lisod bitaw to apson and pikas. campaign more. if you'll not win it this week, i'm sure apil na pud ka next week.

sunjun, it's in the front page of yahoo news yesterday. clinton won a slim margin in new hampshire yesterday.