Monday, January 21, 2008

Online Flower Shop

I’ve been thinking hard about the subject, though I must admit that it’s a tough climb if I should really pursue on one. I heard of success stories, and there are not so easy challenges too. My wife’s floral arrangements can match or even look better than those of the other shops. I almost threw a bouquet I bought for my wife in the past. I was so disappointed at its quality and not to mention the steep price. She accepted the bouquet though, but the detailed analysis was made days after enjoying the Valentine’s Day date.

Maybe for now, the online shop resides in this nifty universe blog. I still have to purchase a domain and from there, set up everything. It would be just a business from home. Of course, I need an ecommerce solution as a boost to my store. A shopping cart software would be handy. Ashop Commerce provides great-value features and designs for small to medium sized online businesses. It would be a perfect partner for my future online business endeavor.


freeze said...

wooooh, you're doing this for business already! good luck!!!

Norm said...

nice one Novz!

elay said...

good luck with this business! i might order one day .. =) pag-meron na akong pagbibigyan hehe..or the other way around - sana may magbigay sakin, ordered from your shop!

Novz said...

freeze, naghinay-hinay lang.

norm, thanks!

elay, sige ah, order ka! ha ha.

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