Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Techie Gifts For Valentines

Aside from flowers, what else can you give to your valentines date? Think about some romantic ideas aside from the huggable stuffed toys and chocolates. Or maybe a candlelight dinner for two at some romantic setting would be delightful.

What if this time around you add a nifty gadget on that bouquet of roses? Say a pink-colored ipod or the latest mp3 player in the market. Then you share the ear phones and begin to sway, with your bodies closer to each other and you dance with the sweet music played on the little gadget. The stars would love to join you in that ecstasy of the moment. And the moon could just wink in approval. Wouldn’t that add a little twist to your evening?

A great source for mp3 players and other portable devices is Savebuckets, a website wherein you can browse, search, select and buy those gadgets that you need at great-value prices. It is simply practical shopping at the comfort of your own home.


freeze said...

give something you made yourself, something well-thought of, that would be sweet :) Priceless!

Novz said...

that's a good suggestion ms. freeze! i tried making a bouquet the last time. effort was appreciated. he he.

freeze said...


Rickavieves said...

nice suggestions :-) so sweet!