Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Flowers for the Aunties

It would have been a family dinner on Valentine's Day but the prevailing powers postponed it to the next day. 6pm is 6pm. But we arrived an hour and a half late. Excuses here, excuses there.
I arrived at the house past 6pm to pick up my wife and my parents-in-law. My wife was still arranging the bouquet she planned to give to our aunties. So we waited for another hour. Follow-up text messages came saying they're almost done with dinner.

Honestly, we're starving. But my wife wanted to finish the floral arrangements. She wants nothing but the best for them.

When we arrived, they were amazed at the bouquets. Maybe they've forgiven us for being late. And I just filled myself with the plenty leftovers on the table.

1 comment:

Norm said...

wow! super galing talaga pagdating sa flower arrangement your sweetie wife Novz, just tell her I love the bouquets so much, very perfectly arranged, good morning and happy Monday to both of you...