Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Funeral Flowers

The bouquet we gave to our aunties a day after valentine's day must have been fully appreciated. An uncle ordered another bouquet for her mother. An aunt even whispered to me that she's very happy with the flowers. "It's very professionally arranged. Your wife is really gifted" she remarked.

But one of the aunties was not really feeling well. There was a blank expression on her face when she looked at the flowers. I could not find her usual smile that day. It was obvious that she was in pain. She had been in and out of the hospital for the last five years (both here and in the US) and was even told by her doctors in Chicago a couple of years ago that she will not last longer than two months. But she braved it all and prayed that she can return to the Philippines to be with her family.

Thursday morning that auntie died in the hospital ICU. My wife cried very hard as she was very close to her. She told us that she dreamt of auntie that dawn. They were surrounded by plenty of beautiful flowers and that auntie smiled and requested that she arrange beautiful flowers for her funeral.

I guess the flowers she arranged were really appreciated after all.


SUN JUN said...


my condolences novs ...
mau ni nga auntie kato taga-mactan?

novz said...

yes steph, mao to sya.

Norm said...

condolence Novz!