Saturday, February 09, 2008

Growing Old

Like a delicate rose, we shall all wilt, grow old and lose that outer beauty and strength. But that does not mean that we lose the right to glow and be happy. We can still laugh and live life at the fullest despite the brief time left.

In less than 30 years from now, I’d join the senior citizens. What will I do then? Stay in a nursing home and enjoy the benefits of being cared of by carers along with other old people? Should I just stay at home? How would I care for myself? I hope I still have the strength to carry for myself and perhaps read online resource like It has information on many things about caring, like searching for a care home, suitable caring arrangements, and care news and tips. It makes old age something not to be afraid of.

I wouldn’t know about the future and how I will cope up with old age. But I know I should be happy because I know who holds my hand.

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