Monday, March 24, 2008

Flowers For The Graduates

I remember those "everlasting" flowers sold at school during graduation. These are usually the flowers for the graduates. Ah, those golden yellow flowers tied in a nylon thread, or those rose corsage they pinned on the graduates. I can remember the itchiness the small petals bring to my neck. Usually, it's the honor students that gets them. Or sometimes, proud parents just buy these for their children.

But aside from the usual leis, parents, boyfriends or husbands can actually give a bouquet of fresh flowers to a female graduate. No, not just one stem but a large bouquet. Just imagine the scenario. Much more if she graduates with honors or special awards.

The thoughtfulness would really mean much more to her.

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Anonymous said...

i remember that the only time that i ever got flowers from my dad was when i graduated two years ago. fun times.

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