Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Red Roses For The Sweetheart

Why does it have to be red?

A friend, when he ordered flowers from us last Valentine’s Day, emphasized the color red. “Red roses symbolize deep love, respect and romance” he says. I just can’t help but smile. Indeed, red roses continue to be the most popular among the roses’ color, and it is the easiest to find on the market on V-day. It is also the most popular and convenient way of saying “I love you” to the girl closest to your heart.

There is actually history and meaning to red roses. In mythology (which is not to be confused with history), the red rose is closely associated to the god and goddess of love. So the early Greeks and Romans are endeared to this red rose for its beauty, fragrance and symbol of love and passion. Oh, bloody red! Is it also the color of the heart?

In all honesty, I am not really familiar with color symbols until lately. The first bouquet of roses I gave to my wife (when she was still my girlfriend almost a decade ago) was pink. She told me afterwards that she loves pink. But actually, the reason for me was that, red is so tied up with tradition that I do not know of and the common practice of every young man (insanely) in love. I wanted it to be different. My heart’s intention was the same: deep love and respect. And I think the intention matters more than symbols.


SUN JUN said...

girls and their flowers hehehe

nawala na lagi imo page rank novs?

Beetle said...

I love to be different also. Pink would have been fine for me also :O)

send flowers pakistan said...

Red roses shows the warm feeling especially for a lady, so i think they are more suitable rather than pink.....