Sunday, March 30, 2008

The SEO Experiment: 2007 Philippine Bar Exam Results

The list of 2007 Phil Bar topnotchers and full list of passers are posted in here. (Or you just scroll down the post prior to this one)

However, it was really just an SEO experiment on my part. The lure of getting traffic, aside from the entrecarders, and landing in the early pages of google search are just too tempting. This site can be found on page 7. Those who were able to place on page 1 had done well in their optimization. It's not the SC website topping the search engines anymore. It's the blogs. But I'm not totally sure which keywords brought the traffic in. I'll check my webmaster tools later.

Having placed in the first 2 pages in the "Flowers to Cebu" keywords in google and the only blog among the flower shops, I stopped my experiment. I was engrossed with the sponsored post thing, which was easy money. That is probably why the big G swooped down my PR in their latest update. (Sunjun, this is the reason why I no longer have my PR)

Then there was my dotcom. It is really nice to have one and with a nifty-looking wordpress template. My best posts about blogging are in there. And for three weeks, it got nominated in some awards site. Too bad I was not good enough in campaigning. But I had problems too. Many times my site was inaccessible. Then, a day before its first monthsary, I messed up the files in the file server after the host reset the whole thing. So, my Blogcebuworld is still in limbo right now.

So this is blogging: blog for yourself, for the readers, then for the search engines.


Sun Jun said...

special mention pala ako dito ^^ hehehe

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