Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Next Google Page Rank Update

When is the next google page rank update in 2008? They say it used to be done quarterly. But now, who knows if it could be this day, this week or the next. I don't have insider information either. Some suggested that it could occur in the middle of April. That's 2 weeks from now!

This site, started in the last day of October, got PR3 in January 2008 but smacked in the March round. My cubicle neighbor got his PR3 in the late February update but lost it immediately within two weeks. Along with the lost PR goes the motivation to blog. But the disinterest was only temporary. We’re blogging like madmen again, even buying our own domains and hosting.

But hey, are we blogging for rankings? Other bloggers dismiss the importance of page rank or that green bar in the google toolbar. They say that it’s useless and serves only its creator. Even the mention of PR is a nuisance to their ears. But try saying that to a PPP postie with PR0. After the bonus post, they are just salivating at the many opps they’re not qualified to do. Izea’s ranking alternative is not yet fully applied leaving many in frustration.

There are others who are blogging for rankings. Not just the PR, but all other rankings that exist in the world wide web: SERP, Technorati, Izea, Ratified, Alexa, etc.. Ego tripping, huh! But if it’s for a living, it’s hard work.

While waiting for the next PR update, why don’t we just build our blog’s foundation: Content, design, traffic, links, etc…I’m planning to change my template to a more professional looking one. I still have to find something that pleases my eyes.

Update: The latest round of updates began April 29, 2008. This may last a week or more. The PR of this site, which used to be 3, was not reinstated by Google. But who knows what might happen in the next few days.


Beautiful life said...

Thanks for the info. I just started a new site several weeks ago at http://www.beautifullifeuk.com and am keen to know when PR will be added. I have worked hard to find PR3 and above to link to my site and hope this makes a difference

Novz said...

thanks for the visit and the comment, beautiful life. i guess it's not easy getting links from blogs with high PR these days. We have to work hard for the elusive PR.

Anonymous said...

nice read here! im waiting to see when my site www.soccerprofit.com gets a bouce again :O

Anonymous said...

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