Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American Idol: Missing Kristy Lee Cook and Ramiele Malubay

I miss the two pretty ladies on the idol stage.

24-year old Ms. Kristy Lee Cook was finally booted out last week. Many couldn’t believe she lasted that long after many stints at the bottom three. But I believe the girl got talent. I love her sing country music, and she’s really good at that.

When she was 17, she signed her first recording contract with BMI. She also tried modeling and featuring in some commercials. Performing on stage is not new to her. Placing 7th in American Idol Season 7 is not that bad. I know she’d do well after AI.

Now where is Ramiele Malubay? Is she in the Philippines? I don’t think so. If she is, it will be all over the news. I guess she’s busy appearing in some popular shows in the US. It will improve her stock.

Now, who will be eliminated next? I got the feeling that it will be David Cook vs David Archuleta in the finals.


faeryrowan said...

My money is on David Cook for the next American Idol. Though David Archuleta could win in the "cutie" department.

Novz said...

David cook is a strong contender. He could be the season 7 winner.