Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mothers' Day: Flowers for Mothers

It's almost Mothers' Day and I can't help thinking about what to give to my mother on this special day. Flowers!

It can't be denied that every woman loves flowers, and our mothers are no exception. Why don't we give flowers to our moms? Dad won't be jealous, anyway.

And for father's, giving flowers to their spouses on Mothers' Day is something of a loving appreciation.

Take note that Mothers' Day is on May 11, 2008. As usual, it's the 2nd Sunday of May. If you want to order flowers from us, just email me. We cater only to Cebu and Mandaue city clients.


bambit said...

karon pa ko kabantay ng bisdak pud diay ka :) those flowers are lovely! too bad my mom's got her big garden in the sky now, di na ko kapadala niya ug ingon ani nga mga bulak.

Novz said...

thanks for dropping by my universe, bambit! Your mom would surely love beautiful flowers such as these. And she gets plenty of them right now.