Thursday, April 03, 2008

James Irvin vs Houston Alexander: Fastest Knockout in UFC

8 seconds in Round 1. James Irvin rushed a brutal fist to knock Houston Alexander down and then landed two more punches while the latter was on his back. Referee Steve Mazzagatti jumped in and stopped the fight. Wow! That quick? It tied the previous UFC record set in 1996 when Don Frye knocked out Thomas Ramirez.

The swift decision did not sit well with the fans in Ultimate Fight Night 13. The two fighters could have danced around, choke, grapple, or maybe slam each other on the octagon. But then again, theirs is a real brawl unlike in WWE when almost everything is choreographed. A quick bloody fight is not entertaining but stoppage delays could also be fatal. These fighters can throw away lightning-quick strikes. So when the opponent is groggy, it's very easy to finish them off literally.

If I were an MMA fighter, the quicker the results, the better. But safety of the fighters is one of the foremost concerns in stopping fights.

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Chickpea said...

I saw the fight, and it was amazing, yet a bit disappointing. Amazing that Irvin has such skill to end a fight in 8 seconds, yet disappointing that the fight only lasted 8 seconds!

Who's your pick for UFC 83? I'm going with St. Pierre.