Saturday, May 31, 2008

Boston Celtics vs LA Lakers in the 2008 NBA Finals

I could have underestimated these two teams. My earlier post predicted a different scenario, but as they say, the ball is round. Now this 2008 NBA finals will be another classic, a rematch of the rivalries in the 80s.

Paul Pierce scored 27 points, to pierce the Pistons in Game six 89-81. Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett were also explosive combining for 33 points. I was hoping for a Pistons win but they fell short.

In the West, I felt that experience would have been a factor. But LA is hungrier, dethroning the defending champion in game 5. It's a sorry loss for the Spurs. Maybe they need some overhaul for 2009.

So, whom do I root for this 2008 NBA Finals? Any team but the Lakers. Go, Celtics! It's now your time, KG!

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