Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Detroit Pistons vs San Antonio Spurs in NBA 2008 Finals

San Antonio showed its championship form by beating erstwhile challenger New Orleans Hornets 91-82. I know my friends were looking at the fresher teams for this decade, like Celtics vs Lakers or Celtics vs Hornets. But I am rooting for the strongest teams to reach the finals.

Boston showed its vulnerability by being mugged by lowly Atlanta before surviving Game 7. They were almost beaten single-handedly by LeBron James. That leads to the question: Can they survive the firepower and defense of the Pistons? The Celtics may have won two out of three against the Pistons this season, but it’s always different comes playoff time.

I am a Pistons fan since that time Chuck Daly coached Isaiah Thomas, Bill Laimbeer, Dennis Rodman, John Sally, Mark Aguirre, Adrian Dantley, Joe Dumars, and the rest of the squad that won back to back titles. So I am just stating my bias here.

Why the Spurs? I’m rooting for every team against Kobe. So, there! Detroit Pistons over San Antonio Spurs in 6.

This is just my prediction for the NBA finals. But a Celtics vs Lakers finals would also be a classic, a repeat of the Bird and Magic era. Of course, it’s minus the luster of the genuine stars. KG vs KB could not match the greatness of their predecessors.

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