Saturday, May 17, 2008

David Cook vs David Archuleta: Inevitable Finale on AI 7

I am not the only one who predicted that it would be a David Cook vs David Archuleta in the Finals. I think this has been decided by America weeks ago when they forgave little David's blunder on the lyrics, and focused on his smiles instead. The kid is doing great alright, and I am sure he captured plenty of hearts. To be in the finals is something he deserves.

So, what about David Cook? He's got a powerful voice that I'm sure I'd buy his album if it becomes available here in the Philippines. Yeah, really! That guy is a performer, and the way he interprets songs is very very different. If I heard it right, Simon Cowell even commented that David Cook could actually win the American Idol season 7.

I'm absolutely rooting for David Cook! He deserves to win.

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