Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No More Of the Paid Posts

I haven't been to the sites where paid post opportunities were given for many weeks now. I almost forgot my log-in passwords. It's been a while since I wrote a sponsored entry. I lost interest when Google slapped me with a penalty that bought my pagerank to nil. It's also kind of frustrating when all the opps are for those with PR only and you have to race with others the very few available opps for those without PR. I know that some wait till dawn for a writing opportunity to come.

I also don't want to bid for a 300 worded entry that would require me to write positively on a product that I cannot relate and cannot possibly use in the near future. There would be less truth in that. I used to have fun writing entries then inserting a link somewhere at the bottom as if to conceal that paid post. Yeah, that was fun. But some readers would not like that.

For now, I am not doing any paid post. It's not the only way to make money online.


Sun Jun said...


Why so angry and bitter? ^^

yes, it's not the only way to make money online. Lots of opportunities available. goodluck to you nifty universe! ^^


you're right about the PPP thing, it's so hard to reserve a post! Too many bloggers already hehehe. If you're lucky, some would actually contact you directly and you don't have to wait. You can even negotiate your own price ^^

novz said...

sunjun, i was lucky in the past. I'm not bitter too. It's just that the sweet taste of sponsored post is gone already.

Btw, how's your online marketing business? Have you bought your domain and hosting na?

Sun Jun said...

hi novz!

no marketing business no own domain and site yet. hehehe

for now, i don't think i need my own site. there are lots of free stuff I can use. Not that sure whether to pursue it anyway.

for now, I'm contented with blogging the usual way. I'm using it to motivate me to learn more nalang and earning a little from adsense along the way.

so far promising naman pero nothing big. ^^

freeze said...

really? you dont sound convincing enough. hihihi

Margaret said...

Ahhhhh....the sweet smell of freedom! I quit PPP some months ago as the BS of trying for spammy looking advertisers was just too much. Then the looooong wait for payment only to get told 24 hours before the last day of approval that it didn't meet the criteria (for whatever reason dreamed up) was way more trouble than the measly $5 was worth.

I do still write paid posts, but not for PPP or Smorty.

Good luck on your quest.


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