Friday, September 19, 2008

Lament On The Page Rank Toobar Update

Looking at my Feedjit, there seem to be a lot of people eagerly waiting for the next Google page rank toolbar update in 2008. Their search led them to this site for having better SERP rank than the others. And if you happenned to read this entry, I too am waiting for the next page rank update.

Why? Coz I got zero. Nil. None of those green color. I don't have to repeat that I used to have PR3, and Google spanked me for doing sponsored posts without the "nofollow" attributes. It's been 6 months since I lost it. By now, the penalties should have expired.

Some have prayed to Google, flashing their prayers in their post. Some are quite demanding, as if Google has no right at all to take away their PR. I will not do either one of these. I'll just wait for the penalties to expire. The paid posts I had here were already buried deep in the pits of this site. Yeah, six months of hard labor should be enough to rehabilitate the blogger, doing the wrong thing using Google's own blogging platform.

My literary blog even has a PR1, and Google knows that it only has 5 or less visitors per day, and the inbound links are mostly from this site.

And if you want to improve your Page Rank aside from posting valuable entries regularly, make other blogs link to you using the following techniques.
1. Commenting strategies - E.g. Commentluv, dofollow, high trafficked blogs, and some link-baiting
2. Link exchange - Some are shameless in their approach. You can do the same or choose a more subtle or friendlier way.
3. Top commentator - Some bloggers reward their top commentators with a link
4. Top entrecard dropper - If you're in the entrecard community, choose well whom to drop.
5. Submission to blog directories

It's already September. If we are following the PR update trends, the next one should be within a few days, if not a few weeks. My outlook for this blog to regain its PR is slim. I have seen a few reconsiderations for other bloggers. I do hope I'll get one too.

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