Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life Without Cable TV

We used to have cable TV. But we decided to cut it off because we're not the ones benefiting from it most of the time. With busyness at work, we no longer have the time to scan the channels.

Of course it was different in the early days wherein we never fail to watch our favorite daily animes. But as time passed by, we just forgot the shows we were once addicted to.

But what I missed most are those dawns when I stay awake the night before just to watch the Champions League games. Tomorrow, it will be Barcelona vs Manchester United. Last year, I watched the finals at aunt's house. The other year, I was at a hotel room in Manila. And now, I have nothing.

But I did not lose hope. A colleague from Cebu is staying at a hotel near our workplace. His room has two beds and luckily for me, he has cable TV. I was quick to make arrangements. So tomorrow, I'll buy snacks and watch the game live on my favorite sports Channel. Manchester United vs Barcelona in the 2009 UEFA Champions' League finals is a football game I don't want to miss.


freeze said...

you can't cut that cable tv, no way! There's prepaid cable tv right?

Anonymous said...

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