Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh, Sports!

When I was a kid, nobody prodded me to join in any sports activities. But you know, kids would also want to try what the big guys were doing. We don’t have any Playstation then so it was more of the outdoor activities.

I enjoyed very much my childhood days wherein we are carefree and we can just play any sports we wanted. We didn’t have that much sports equipment but we still managed to enjoy sports by using the basketball in the rounded ring, in volleyball, and even in soccer. Imagine kicking the basketball with our small and bare feet.

We even played baseball with a meter-long piece of lumber as our bat and the green tennis bald ball instead of the real leather baseball. Oh well! Poor us!

Nowadays, we are so fortunate to have online sports shops wherein you can buy any sports equipment, anytime. Shopwiki has all you need when it comes to sports. It searches the web and lets you choose from the many online sports stores, wherein you can get the best deals and the best prices. I’m looking at the Spalding Volleyball right now. It’s been months since I played real volleyball. The other week, I was disappointed that we used a cheap rubber ball in our beach volleyball matches during the company’s summer outing. My arms hurt even until now.

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