Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Instant Web Traffic

This blog was on its busiest the last few days. My average traffic quadrupled, my Alexa rank leaped by 4M, and my Izearank jumped by around 4k notches. What happened?

Two things: Entrecard and Key Words


Entrecard is your internet business card. See that icon under “blog of the day” in my right sidebar? That is my advertiser’s entrecard. Mine is advertised somewhere. This nifty advertising creation allows bloggers to advertise their blogs without spending a cent.

Whenever you visit a blog that has entrecard in it, you drop a card and you earn 1 ec. Whenever other blogggers visit your blog and drop a card, you also earn 1 ec. When others want to advertise on your blog for a day, you are paid a certain number of ec. When you want to advertise in others’ blogs, you pay them in ec depending on their price. There is an unwritten rule that when someone drops a card on your blog, you drop on them in return. Probably 50 – 60% of the entrecarders follow that. Register now if you want that instant traffic, and keep on dropping.

Hot and Burning Key Words

If you ask me why in the world I was writing about the bar exam results, the American idol, and even the UFC, I will tell you that it was just a strategy to invite traffic. And it worked. I didn’t just copy and paste from others. I had friends who took the bar, I was able to watch American idol in Q TV, and I am a fan of the UFC. That is why it is easy for me to write on such topics. I did not write about Ms. Dolly Parton, though that keyword was one of hottest in Google hottrends, because I don’t know her until the ‘Dolly Parton’ Week in American Idol season 7. I am a generation behind so forgive my ignorance.

Now back to the title. Why do I the need traffic for? It is for experimentation, monetization and motivation. How much money did I get for all those traffic? It’s laughable and forgettable. Maybe it is for now. I still have a lot to learn from the masters in terms of converting traffic into money. But again, these are just “instant” actions, and just like all other instants out there (e.g. instant noodles, instant drinks) may not be able to sustain a blog in the long run.


fence said...

Hey! I love instant noodles and it has sustained me all these years! Lol.

Kidding. I'm glad your optimization efforts worked out for you mate. I've been sooooo lazy these past few days, not even bothering to update some of my more formal blogs. Perhaps it's the heat. I don't know. All I can manage to write are those literary crapolas that my garbled brain can dish out.


Wilhelmina said...

Hahah, search Dolly Parton paired with American Idol and my blog pops up. Well not anymore, since I moved the post to my new Wordpress blog. :)

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